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HANELA  is Fast, efficient, reliable, and honest.  It has become a reputable and well-known consulting and outsourcing Service. Our team is skilled and experienced and is up for every job. 

HANELA is led by Kristina Hani-Elaoud, a process engineering and a management professional with over twenty years of experience working for large and small corporations such as: General Motors Powertrain Division, CCI Power Supplies LLC, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, and General Electric Aircraft Engines.

Kristina's experience spans a wide variety of products such as internal combustion engines, diesel engines, castings, switching power supplies, adhesive bandages, and high pressure turbine blades for both military and commercial applications.

Kristina earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering  from the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.   She also earned a master's degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.  Kristina is currently pursuing a Business degree.  She has taken courses in Economics, Accounting, supply chain management, international perspective, social responsibility, operations management, entrepreneurship, management of change, organizational behavior, and public relations.


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